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New Year: A Note from our President

What a wonderful time of year!  God has been so good to us in 2017!  It is a great time to reflect on His love, faithfulness, grace & mercy He has shown us throughout the year. We are beginning  the year with one young lady who graduated the program a few months ago and currently […]

Special Thank You to 1st Presbyterian of Stanley

A special thanks to First Presbyterian Church of Stanley and Ron Smith, Shelter Property Board member and volunteer who donates countless hours and sweat to our ministry, for painting our administrative office front porch and building during one of their Man-Day Service Projects. They have also done various projects at our shelter home. We are blessed to […]


When we say the word “change,” we think of many different things. We can change jobs, change clothes,change addresses, change hairstyles. There aren’t many things that are permanent. Of course tattoos, scars, family, past experiences and God’s presence are a few things that are permanent. Every single thing that changes has one thing in common; changes […]

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