You can help transform lives and shape generations by pledging at least $15 a month. 

 2018 Goal — $84,000

Your contribution helps provide a safe and loving environment that fosters spiritual growth, emotional healing, and practical education to hurting women and their children.

“I haven’t had that many life changing experiences…but i feel like my life has already changed since I’ve been here. Emotionally, I feel stronger and my relationship with God has filled that empty space in my heart. The counseling has helped me hear my thoughts out loud and see everything differently. Between praying and asking God for patience and the boundaries class, I have been less stressed about my child’s behavior and can discipline her more appropriately. I can make better decisions for me and my children.”


“This program has taught me that God is my everything, He is the ultimate chain breaker.  He has given me grace upon grace. My cup overflows with the abundance of His bountiful hand.  Who knew something that has been passed down for generations and generations in my family was healed by something as simple as surrendering?  I am learning that surrender is a daily task even sometimes moment to moment.  Isaiah 54:13-14 states “All your children shall be taught by the Lord….” 


 When I arrived at KDM, I was so nervous because I didn’t want anyone to know where I was. . .I don’t know where I would be without this program. . .I felt like the Holy Spirit told me ‘ this is your purpose.’ I feel like I am called to share my story with other women and be able to be completely honest with them so they don’t  feel alone in their struggles.”